Grupo Platinium, C. A

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It is a company with the mission of satisfying the needs of our customers carefully, quickly and effectively in order to guarantee the tranquility and security that you surely look for when having a service company at your disposal, in this company we work a 100% pro-active team with a single common goal to provide the best service that suits your needs, for this we have the necessary infrastructure for this purpose, the team of Technicians, Web Master and Designers.   It is made up of highly qualified staff with experience of more than 19 years in the field of hosting and web hosting services at national and international level, we also have a cutting-edge and highly competitive staff in the technical field and at the level of web design and programming. Interested in putting innovators at your fingertips.

Our Vision and Values


To provide our customers with the Price-Value profitability.


To offer the best web hosting service in Latin America.


Guarantee the customer the attention to their requirements with efficiency and quality.


Every day, ensuring the performance of all our services is vital.


Always concerned about the quality of our services, under constant monitoring.


Ensuring the functioning of the services is always a priority, ensuring continuity.

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