Keep your data secure with a backup

Backing up your company information is a good practice that organizations need to implement, because the partial or total loss of vital business information could have a huge economic impact.

We think of you, in your company, so we bring web backup, Our backup service is totally secure, with access to your information online

Our Benefits

Unmatched Stability

SSupports Windows Linux and Mac OS X

Remote access


Avoid Incidents and Secure Your Date



SB 50



50 GB Storage

Platform Web/Movil


CPU 2 Cores

Installation 9 $

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SB 200



200 GB Storage

Platform Web/Movil


CPU 4 Cores

Installation 18 $

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SB 500



500 GB Storage

Platform Web/Movil


CPU 8 Cores

Installation 35 $

My Backup TODAY!

Back up your data at all times

You must be prepared for any incident, 83% of the cases are for human failure, 15% for disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods, the rest by computer equipment.

Keep your data 100% secure.

Easy to use

Firewall Optimized

Share instant files

Datacenter in Paris

Web Administration

Support your Pc, Servers and more

Mobile access

Managed with Owncloud

Back up today is VITAL for you and your company

Having all your important files backed up periodically is considered a very good practice to prevent them from being permanently lost during an accident or system formatting.


We strive to do things well, so it takes 24 hours to activate your Backup service.

99.99% Uptime

We guarantee that the reseller connectivity, because we rely with High Technology to keep us online.

Full Support

We offer several platforms for the support, Email, Ticket, Mobile phone system, WhatsApp and Live Chat.